Our mission is to create entertaining and informative content for dads, while opening up conversations on an array of dad related subjects and issues.

In turn, we aim to encourage dads to learn from one another, to inspire each other and to connect with fellow fathers; aiding personal growth and well being.

Dad Man Talks is ultimately designed to aid men in becoming the best dads they can possibly be, while leaving a positive and lasting impression on our children and future generations.

Launched in 2021, Dad Man Talks is the brain child of two fellow fathers and long time friends.

One is a dad to a five-year-old son, a full time journalist and established blogger, while the other is an experienced lecturer, a dad to a young girl and boy, and a blogger and broadcaster enthusiast.

Having overcome their own life experiences of grief, hardships and battles with mental health, they decided to fuse their passion for writing with their love for fatherhood – to help others who may seek support or be new to becoming a dad.

Through the sharing of news, personal insight and wisdom on a variety of dad-man topics – they aim to leave a positive impression on those that enjoy their content, opening up conversation’s about: dad life, men’s health and personal well being alongside fun, social topics and interests.

Dad Man Talks ultimate aim is to create an entertaining and informative platform which allows dads both an outlet, plus the chance to join a dad community. Through the sharing of good practice and honest, raw personal insight, we wish to build a brand that enables us to all learn from one another, in turn allowing us all to grow stronger, to be better and subsequently, leave a positive, lasting impression on the next generation! #KeepInspiring

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