Dad Life: Perks of Parenting #2

In this series, we look into the perks of parenting!
Here we shall explore just some of the plethora of benefits we all share, when becoming a parent.
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#2 Poise & Purpose

In this article, we discuss how becoming a parent can allow us to become both poised as well as find purpose in our lives.

As much as having a child can seem daunting and there’s no denying – it flips your world upside down(!), this is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself to find balance in your life.

Prioritise time with your child, love for your child, love for your partner.
Allow family time to be cherished.

This all said, remember not to neglect your own personal well-being alongside some time – for YOU!

Finding the balance in life is never easy, FACT!

Life’s hard, FACT!

Yet having a child allows us to put things in perspective.

Be grateful for the love you have with your partner.

Be grateful for the blessing of being a father.

Be grateful for you and your families health.

Try your best to strike a balance but ultimately prioritise you and your family.

The rest is irrelevant, right?

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I’m not saying completely neglect your job or anything else that occupies your body and mind but find a balance.

If necessary, even use this experience to refine yourself!

  • Prioritise your family.
  • Prioritise your health.
  • Make memories with your children.
  • Build a beautiful future.

By embracing this mantra, you will find a more positive equilibrium.

Finally, bringing a child into the world gives us the ultimate sense of purpose.

It’s no longer all about you!

Embrace this newfound power of fatherhood and enjoy the responsibility is my motto!

You have the opportunity to raise a beautiful human being, who can learn from your mistakes, learn from your lessons, gain from your insight and as a result, can flourish as an individual.

You have a newfound purpose to protect, love, cherish and teach this child/ children; to show them all the wonderful things this world has to offer.

As stressful and difficult as the bearing weight of being a parent can be, we must learn to embrace this glorious responsibility with pride.

It’s down to us to develop these little beings of our own, to show them how to make a positive impact on the world we live in, therefore creating a more positive future and positive outcomes for both them and their children; their children’s children and so on.

No pressure!

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WHEN the pressure does mount up: thrive under it or if it does get too much – open up to someone.

Practice gratitude to be grateful for the beautiful family you have created; for your purpose as a parent.

Pat yourself on the back from time to time! It’s a hard job, a relentless job – there is no denying this fact!

If your:

  • Children are are safe and healthy
  • Giving and promoting love and respect
  • Valuing your children and their opinions
  • Making time to play and interact with your children

Then rest assured- you are doing a good job!

Do not fear this responsibility.

Embrace the Power of Fatherhood and enjoy the ride!

You are their Dad. You will be looked upon as a Hero.

Embrace this purpose and inspire your children.

You got this!

Look out for our next: Perk of Parenting #3, where we shall explore the benefits of reliving your youth!

BY Shane @ DMT

Did you enjoy this article or find it useful?

Feel feel to leave a comment below or give us your own views, on what topics you would like us to explore within the realms of dad life.




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