Dad Health: FREE 10 Rep HIIT Workout!

Here I share one of my own personally devised routines you can do from home and you only need yourself, a space and a spare 10 minutes to hit ’10 reps’!

I need to exercise every day & since the first lockdown, I implement daily HIIT exercises into my daily routine as a dad.

Here I share one of my own personally devised routines you can do at home and you only need yourself, a space and a spare 10-15 minutes.

I call this routine: tens (10’s).

Simply put, you work on a circuit of 3 X exercises:

  • A CV exercise
  • A Body Weight exercise
  • And an Abs exercise.

And you do every exercise for 10 REPS!
That’s it!

You repeat this circuit, embedding a different exercise each time until the time you have set is up!

I find this short and simple routine, is not only convenient and easy to squeeze into a busy schedule but also gets the heart rate up & sweat on enough, to leave you feeling reinvigorated, positive and fresh for the day ahead.

And besides the mental gains, there are the physical gains too!

To advance this I have now added exercises to each ‘set’, doing 1-3 CV, body weight and ab exercises – for each circuit.

A typical 10 minute routine for me presently starts something like this:

CV: Run on spot (high knees) to sprint (10 reps or more specifically ‘steps’ for each)
BODY: Body squats to forward lunges (alternate/ just ten reps for each)
ABS: Hands to knees sit ups to forward heel taps = on back, knees high with feet planted and hands under legs to touch heels as you reach forward! Both just 10 reps!

CV: Sprint on spot (10 ‘steps’!)
BODY: Push Ups (10 reps)
ABS: Oblique twists alternate elbow to opposite knee to Russian twists (10 for each)

CV: Star jumps (10 reps)
BODY: Superman back exercise (10 reps)
ABS: Alternate leg kicks to raising legs simultaneously (10 reps each).

From here you can just repeat the sets or add in any exercise you see fit!

Think shoulder push-ups, shadow boxing, planks, single rows in plank position or shoulder taps, triceps dips, diamond push ups, mountain climbers etc!

If you have dumbbells – use them and if you have a pull up bar throw that in too! I also do this to: mix it up!

How many exercises you choose to do per set, is down to personal preference but all this diversity is another reason I love this convenient and flexible routine – that hits the whole body.

If like me, you struggle to find the time for long periods of exercise or visits to the gym due to the time-consuming rigours of life and fatherhood, feel free to give this a go each morning or whenever you can make the time!

I personally do a short ‘HIIT’ every morning to set me up mentally and physically for the demands and joys of the day ahead.

If has also become a beautiful bonding experience with my children too, as they regularly join dad in his daily morning workout, which is both magical and endearing.

Why not give it a go!

You only need 10 minutes!

It’s just 10 reps!

Hitting the CV, Body & Abs!

All while caring for your own well-being and leaving a positive impression on your children!


I’ll share more of my fitness favourites and practices in due articles!


By Shane @ DMT

Did you enjoy this article or find it useful? 

Feel feel to leave a comment below or give us your own views, on what topics you would like us to explore within the realms of dad life.



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