Dad Life: The Importance Of Sports

The importance of sports should not be underestimated when it comes to the early years of child’s life and development.
Here I share some of my own experiences and fond memories.
Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

I’m sitting here on a beautifully sunny Saturday morning. I’ve just walked the dog with my son and I’m planning on watching the Liverpool game with him a bit later.

I like watching sports with my son as it reminds me of fond memories I have with my own Dad.

My Dad would work hard all week and then would be in charge of parenting duties at the weekend.

It was great for me.

A typical Saturday would consist of football (soccer) training followed by a trip to my Nan and Granddads then back to the house to watch sports.

Watching sports in the lounge room on the big TV (by big, I mean bulky) would involve a small foam football (soccer ball) being kicked around, in between naps for my Dad and games of football in the street with my friends.

Sport was a big deal for me growing up.

Some afternoons we would go swimming or rollerskating, or I would have a Saturday game.

Most Sundays I would have a football match followed by a trip to the garden centre for eggs & chips or back to the house to play with friends or watch some more sport.

I look back on these times with fond memories.

And this is what I want to recreate with my son.

My Dad would take me to mid-week practice after a busy day at work. He would take me to tryout sessions for bigger clubs and he would genuinely take an interest in my sporting exploits.

He would take me to early morning swimming sessions, some of which started at 6 am. He would then do a full day of work and take me to training sessions in the evening.

I loved being a sporty kid.

I’ve always said that being into sports really helped me navigate social pressures at school.

I wasn’t the most popular kid, although I wasn’t unpopular, and I believe it was because I played in all the sports teams.

I was never subjected to any bullying or put under any of the social pressures I saw other students being tested with.

I want to be there for my son. I want him to be a sporty kid. I want him to enjoy memories of our weekends. I want him to enjoy going to training practices with his Dad. I want him to experience the joys that sports can bring.

Now, in these current times, sports isn’t what it used to be (see the amount of money flying around nowadays) so watching sports on the TV isn’t that high on my priority list – aside from watching the odd Premier League game – but playing sports together or taking him to practices & games are something I’m looking to add into our routine together.

Do you watch sports with your kids?

Do you play sports with them?

Do you encourage them to take up sports?

Do you have any fond memories of your parents taking you to sports events?

My Dad was there for me through the ups & downs, living the pain & excitement of every lost & won match.

He was there cheering me on in the stands as I won important swimming events and was there to give me a hug if I lost.

He may not have always been the best with emotional support but he was always there for me.

He still is.

His dedication to being there for me is something I swore I would maintain with my own son.

I want to be present in his life and encourage him to pursue his talents, skills and dreams, and whether they are sports-related or not, I want him to know that his Dad is there with him every step of the way.

I’m off to watch the game now with my son – with a small foam ball in the lounge room ready to be kicked around.

Take care and #KeepInspiring,

Roscoe @ DMT

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