Dad Life: Perks of Parenting #1

In this series, we look into the perks of parenting!
Here we shall explore just some of the plethora of benefits we all share, when becoming a parent.
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#1 Unconditional Love

Straight off the bat, we’re addressing the L- word and how having children brings you unconditional love in abundance.

I may be stating the obvious here yet love is the ultimate emotion we experience when becoming a parent and a vital human need we all have and search for throughout our lives. We can lose sight of this throughout our parent journey so too often, as we ride the life roller- coaster of being a parent.

From the moment you hold your little angel in your arms, something so powerful bestows you and that warm blanket of love you have for your child covers you from that moment forth.

It also makes you and your partners love stronger and gives you a bond no one else can.
Having children with someone is a ‘roller coaster of emotions’ there is no doubt, but in hard or troubled times, never forget this new found unconditional love you have for one another nor take each other for granted.

Support this as much as possible through time with your partner.

Embrace both the love and the time with your children.

This will only enrich this emotion more by making the bond and relationship you have with your children stronger.

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I appreciate it may not be stereotypically masculine to be conscious or to demonstrate such raw and honest emotion.

However, embrace this alongside teaching/ demonstrating love and it’s values to your children as a dad, then you will get this back ten-fold while creating positive, beautiful human beings with a true understanding of this value & it’s importance through life.

Love is the one thing we all need and crave and we should never take this emotion lightly, especially not when we become parents, in my opinion.

Through embracing this love you can:

  • Keep emotionally well within yourself
  • Teach and promote Love & Respect through demonstration.
  • Create a support system for all the family to feel safe and to confide in.
  • Demonstrate deep affection
  • Exemplify loyalty
  • Demonstrate the importance of honouring opinions & individual rights
  • Can also lower the risk of behavioural problems- for all concerned!
  • Aid build communication with your partner and child as you ‘talk openly’ about your emotions
  • Support each others emotional and social needs & wellbeing
  • Promote empathy and compassion
  • Learn the accepting of others
  • Aids you to be more conscious of your own feelings
  • Learn self control
  • Learn to share problems and work together to resolve these.
  • Aids the practice of gratitude
  • Will create an unconditional bond between you and your children/ partner
  • Teach and learn forgiveness
  • Become a more stable individual / family
  • Teach the importance of love
  • Build positive relationships
  • Build positive experiences and memories
  • Give your children the skills they need to build positive relationships of their own.
  • Appreciate yourself and each other

These are just a few of the benefits, embracing the unconditional love you get when having a child can have, on both you and your family.

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Promoting the practice of love will only build a more positive, healthy relationship & attachment with your children and your partner.

Having children is truly a magical & powerful experience.

Enjoy this experience and embrace the love.

“Love is all we need” 😉

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BY Shane @ DMT

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