Dad Health: 7 Free Stress Buster Tactics 

Take the time to prioritise yourself. It’s a must if you want to be the best ‘You’ and the best Dad you can possibly be.
How can you care for anyone, if you don’t take care of yourself first!
To help, we’ve compiled 7 free stress buster tactics.
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I’m generally busy.

I like to be busy, keep the body & mind active. 

Hell, life is… busy!

Yet over the last few months, I have personally benefitted from taking the time to prioritise – ME!

Now I’m not going to ramble on about: make time for you, make time to relax, hit the gym, write, learn, connect with others, exercise, embrace a sport, time with loved ones, your children etc etc..

All that is great. It’s also a necessity for ones wellbeing.

Get the balance right YES & if by reading the last paragraph, you feel one or more of that list, is missing from your life, do make time for that- Indeed!

What I want to expand on, is prioritising time for YOU, when in the moment. 

In those moments that can bring on added pressure or stress. Those moments when you feel your blood boil. When emotions can be hard to control or when the mind struggles to relax or panics.

I personally feel such moments occur across triggers within the three ‘Stress Factors’ below.

Whether it be:

Life: Relationships, Family strifes, personal illness or injury, trauma or loss, pressures of supporting your own family, a new arrival/ sleepless nights with a new baby, personal improvement, buying a house, car etc, personal successes & failures or the general stresses of day to day tasks & routines.

Work: Meeting deadlines, hours spent at work, work dynamics, the added pressures of the office, THAT presentation, a new role, searching for a new job, interviews, the interview process, promotion or threats of redundancy. 

Money: How to earn more, managing the extra job or side hustle, comparing yourself to others, paying of bills, saving for that goal or struggling to make ends meat.

Life is hard. It always will be. That’s the true nature and challenge of life, that makes the successes & achievements we experience, taste even more sweeter.

Sometimes there’s no getting away from it. Stress affects us all at some point & in different ways. 

If you know you may allow stress to get the better of you from time to time, I make the time to stop & embrace the following 7 Stress Buster tactics – for when your IN THE MOMENT!

  1. Never lose focus of what’s important to you. I MEAN REALLY IMPORTANT. WHAT TRULY MATTERS! For me, it’s my partner, my children & my health! The rest is irrelevant in the broad scale of things!
  2. I work to LIVE. I do not LIVE TO WORK! If you run your own business- don’t allow the pressure to get the better of you – pat yourself on the back for running your own show & make time to have a half day, a day off or more time with family & friends – FOR YOU! If you work for someone else, work hard yes, BUT do not work OVERTIME unless necessary, towards your financial or aspiration’s, goals etc. Do not allow work to exploit your good will or your hard working ethic – because, they will!
  3. Make time to breath. The slow breath OUT has more of an impact. Exhale & relieve that burden as you do. Use this time to not only brush away the stress but to process the situation. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK / EMOTIONALLY OUTBURST!
  4. Stay Positive in mind, body & soul. Smile. Think positive. Embrace positive energy. BE the positive energy. BE the lasting impression on all whom you meet.
  5. Reflect. What made you feel / react that way? Talk to someone to aid the reflection process. DO NOT BOTTLE YOUR EMOTIONS. How can you avoid a negative reaction & potentially a negative outcome, for next time? Learn from it. If you’ve caused stress on somebody else, do the mature & respectful thing & apologise if you know deep down you are in the wrong. It will make you both feel better or at least, move on.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people, to gain positive experiences which lead to positive outcomes & positive development!
  7. Finally, be grateful for what you have. Similar to number 1 in this list but, now expand on it. The people in your life, friends, family, a roof over your head, food on the table etc…

Personally, I have noticed I am so much more calmer, happier & positive in my daily approach, by being consciously aware to embrace the above. 

Whenever I face a stressful situation, I am now more disciplined, resilient & more in control of my emotions & thoughts, which in turn leads to more positive outcomes.

Next time the pressures & stresses of life, work or money appear before your very eyes, take the time to manage yourself in that moment, for your own mental health & wellbeing.

Keep Inspiring.

BY Shane @ DMT

Did you enjoy this article or find it useful?

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